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Frequently Asked Questions

About REALTOR.ca

What is a REALTOR.ca?

REALTOR.ca is Canada’s most popular and trusted real estate platform displaying both residential and commercial listings from REALTORS® across the country. Owned and operated by The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), REALTOR.ca gives REALTORS® across Canada great listing exposure to a national and international audience.

The property listings displayed on REALTOR.ca are provided by various MLS® Systems operated by Real Estate Boards and Associations across Canada.

What do visitors love about REALTOR.ca?

REALTOR.ca provides real estate buyers, sellers and investors with access to trustworthy, up-to-date listings by certified professionals from across Canada.

REALTOR.ca visitors can:

  • search properties using their personal criteria;
  • learn how REALTORS® can help them through the real estate process;
  • find and connect with REALTORS® from across the country;
  • share their favourite listings with friends and family;
  • get notified as soon as a new listing matching their saved search criteria is available;
  • use the mortgage calculator and other financial tools to help them determine what they can afford; and
  • Learn more about a property’s neighbourhood with detailed demographic information for each listing.
Why create an account?

With a free REALTOR.ca account you can:

  • save time by updating your profile with personal settings for your future visits;
  • customize how your search results are displayed;
  • access your Favourites and Saved Searches from any browser and our REALTOR.ca app;
  • receive daily notifications to help you discover new listings that match your Saved Searches and changes to your property Favourites; and
  • create personal notes on listings that you can share with friends and family.


Can I use REALTOR.ca without an account?

Yes, but having a REALTOR.ca account gives you additional benefits to help you with your home buying or selling journey.

Does REALTOR.ca support mobile devices?

Yes, REALTOR.ca is best experienced on a mobile device or tablet by downloading and using our REALTOR.ca app! REALTOR.ca is also optimized to work with any browser, no matter the device. You can also create a REALTOR.ca account on any mobile device.

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Getting Started

What is a REALTOR®?

A REALTOR® is a real estate agent who is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association. They are the MVPs of the home buying and selling process because they are committed to a professional conduct, have intimate knowledge of local housing markets, are experts at marketing, pricing, negotiating and paperwork. REALTORS® help protect the rights and interests of buyers and sellers in Canada.

How do I find a REALTOR®?

To find a REALTOR® in Canada, you can visit www.realtor.ca/meet-a-realtor. You should also ask your friends and family for advice on REALTORS® they’ve used in the past, visit local real estate offices and read online reviews to find a REALTOR® who meets all your needs.

Can I sell my home without a REALTOR®?

Selling your home without a REALTOR® is a risk. A REALTOR® can help you navigate the complex process of buying or selling a home by providing expert advice on paperwork, pricing, negotiating, marketing and so much more. Use a REALTOR® to make sure your property is marketed on Canada’s number one real estate website, REALTOR.ca and to ensure you get top dollar.

How do I find homes for sale?

Finding homes for sale in Canada is easy on REALTOR.ca. REALTOR.ca is the No. 1 one real estate platform in Canada. You can make the most of your home search by using criteria like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price minimum and maximum, and keywords like waterfront, garage, and more. Start searching today at www.realtor.ca.

How do I navigate the website?

From the homepage you can:

  • Use the top navigation to access the homepage, sign in/ sign up for a REALTOR.ca account and select your language preferences. You also have quick access to your Favourites, Notifications and Saved Searches.
  • Start your property search by selecting either commercial or residential properties. Use the filters to personalize your search.
  • Meet a REALTOR® can help you search for a REALTOR® by Name, Location or Office.
  • Mortgage Calculator provides access to tools designed to help you determine your budget.
  • Ideas & How-to links you to articles from the REALTOR.ca Living Room blog and provides information on how REALTORS® can help you through the real estate process.

For more information visit our sitemap located in the website footer.

How do I find residential or commercial listings?

The two tabs in the top of your search bar give you an option to switch between residential and commercial real estate.

How do I find a REALTOR®?

Under Meet a REALTOR® you have the option to search for a REALTOR® by Name, Location or Office. From the search options you can narrow your search by specialty, language, and much more.

How do I search for a specific listing?

The filter options provide a variety of options to help narrow your search.

  1. Start by select the Residential or Commercial search tab. Residential search is the default.
  2. Enter your desired location or a property’s MLS® Number.
  3. Narrow your search by entering property detail such as price, number of bedroom and bathroom
  4. For a more specific search you can use the additional search criteria provided in the filter button.
  5. Select the green Search button.
Can I change the way my search results are displayed?

There are 2 options to view the listings from your search results:

  1. Map – results are shown on the map with black ‘pins’. The numbers indicate the number of listings matching your search criteria in that location. The listings are also shown in thumbnails to the left of the map.
  2. List – results are shown in a ‘gallery’ of thumbnails highlighting some of the information for that property (not on Mobile apps).

With an account, you can customize the default view (Map) to  List View and keep it for your future visits.

What is a Saved Search?

Saved Search allows you to save time by entering your key search filters for future use. You can also receive daily emails for new listings that match your saved search.

REALTOR.ca account users can save up to 50 saved searches and these will be available to them on different browsers or desktops. Guest users can save up to five and will only be able to access them from one browser and one location (where they were originally saved).

How do I save my search criteria (Saved Search)?

From the homepage, enter your key search criteria (such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price, location etc.) and run the search. On the top right of your results page, you will have the option to save your search. Select Save Search, provide a meaningful name to your search and hit save.

You can view your saved searches by selecting the green banner icon on the top right of your screen.

How do I save My Favourites?

You can add properties to your list of Favourites by selecting the heart icon located on the listing page. When a heart is red, it means the listing has been added to your My Favourites list.

Signed-in users can save up to 150 favourites, available to them from different browsers or locations. Guest users can only save 50 and will only be able to access them from 1 browser and one location (where they were originally saved).


How do I delete listings from My Favourites?

Click the red heart icon on a listing you want to remove from Favourites. When the heart is blank it is means the listing is not on your My Favourites list.

Deleted a wrong listing? No problem simply click the heart icon again. You can perform this action from any location where you see the coloured heart icon or directly from My Favourites, accessible from the top navigation bar

How do I share a listing?

Each listing has a Share button that provides the option to share the property information through Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google and Twitter. Select which option you would like to use and complete the required form.

How do I contact the Listing REALTOR®?

The best way is to go through your REALTOR®. Don’t have a REALTOR®? You can contact the listing REALTOR® directly using Email REALTOR® or use the contact information available on the listing page.

What is a mortgage calculator?

A mortgage calculator is a financial tool that helps home buyers figure out their estimated mortgage payments. The REALTOR.ca mortgage calculator requires you to submit important information like a home’s asking price, your down payment, mortgage rate and more to help you understand estimated mortgage payments, cash needed for land transfer tax, monthly expenses, an amortization schedule and more. You can try the calculator for free at www.realtor.ca/calculator.

How do I add notes to listings?

Notes can only be added or viewed by signed-in users. Once signed in the notes icon will appear on the property listing pages. By selecting the Add Notes icon you can add up to 300 characters of text and save your change.

The notes icon will turn yellow when a note has been added. To change your note or delete it, select “edit Notes” by clicking on the note icon again.

How do I share listings with notes?

You must be signed into your account to share listings with notes.

From the Share button located at the top of the right of the listing page, select the Email a Friend option. On the Email a Friend form you can activate a checkbox to share your notes.

You can also indicate this preference as a default in your Communication section under My Account.

How many saved searches can I keep when I sign-in?

You can save up to 50 searches in your Account. As a guest user, you can only save 5 and you won’t be able to access them from a different browser or location.

How many favourites can I keep when I sign-in?

You can save up to 150 Favourites in your Account. As a guest user, you can only save 50 and you won’t be able to access them from a different browser or location.

Is my information kept private?

REALTOR.ca ensures proper security measures are taken when it comes to your Account data. Get more information here.

Can I keep customized account settings?

Under your My Account you can save your search criteria, how you view the site and your mortgage calculator preferences so they are available for all future signed-in visits.

I want to receive updates and informational emails. What are my options?

As a signed-in user, you have the advantage of receiving REALTOR.ca emails related to:

  • REALTOR.ca website and apps news: to keep you up-to-date on upcoming feature releases, product changes and more.
  • Real Estate news: to help you understand buying or selling process, inform you about community events etc.

You can select these when you sign up on the More About You page.

You will also be receiving important emails related to activity in your Account, which may be related to account setup, password rest, privacy policy change etc. You cannot opt-out of those emails, as they are required to keep your Account secure and functioning as expected.

Can I change my preferences for REALTOR.ca emails?

Yes. To make changes, Click on the account icon in the top navigation and select My Account/ Communications. Here you can check/uncheck the options.

Will my settings and preferences be synced between browsers?

Yes, as long as you are sign-in, your changes will be reflected when you refresh a page or make an action (add Favourites, run search etc.).

How do I update my email address?

You can update any of your personal information, including email address, in your My Account profile. Your My Account is accessible from the top navigation area under the account icon.

How do I deactivate my account?

You can deactivate your Account by selecting the “deactivate account” button on My Account page. For details on account information, see Privacy Policy.

If I saved favourites or searches before creating an account, will they be in my account when I sign-up?

If you say “yes” to import, we will make it happen!

When I say “yes” to import, will those locally saved listings and saved searches be added to my Account?

When you first create an account, or as you Favourite listings without signing in, you will be given an option to import/ your locally saved Favourites and Saved Searches to your Account, allowing you to access them from any browser or location.

Will my changes be reflected between browsers and locations?

Synchronization keeps your Account up-to-date between all your access points (devices, locations etc.) when you are signed in. For example, if you Favourite a listing using one browser at work, you will see that same listing in My Favourites when you sign in from your laptop computer. You don’t have to do anything; it is done automatically.

How do I make room to save more Favourites or Saved Searches?

For Favourites click the red heart in the upper navigation bar. Click on the heart icon for any listing you wish to delete. It will be removed from your Favourites.

For Saved Searches use the green banner button in the upper navigation. You can delete a saved search using the garbage can icon or delete all saved searches using the Delete All link.

REALTOR.ca Account

Why create a REALTOR.ca account?
  • With a free REALTOR.ca account you can: 
    • save time by updating your profile with personal settings for your future visits; 
    • customize how your search results are displayed; 
    • access your Favourites and Saved Searches from any browser and our REALTOR.ca app; 
    • receive instant or daily email notifications when new listings match any of your selected Saved Searches; 
    • receive daily notifications to help you discover new listings that match your Saved Searches and changes to your property Favourites; and 
    • create personal notes on listings and share them with friends and family.  


How do I create an account?

Click on the Sign in icon in the top navigation bar. From the sign in page you can select the sign up tab. You can create an account using a social media account (Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) or your email address.

Why do I have to verify my email when signing up?

Email verification is required to ensure that the email address entered during the sign up process belongs to you. By clicking on the ‘verify my email’ link in the email you receive during sign up, you will authorize the use of that email for the creation of REALTOR.ca account.

What are the requirements to create a secure password?

Make sure your password is at least 8 characters, with at least 1 number and 1 special character. Passwords are case sensitive, so including upper case and lower-case letters will add security to your password.

What do I do if I forget my password?

On the Sign in page there is a “forgot my password” link located under the password field. Once selected you will be asked to enter you REALTOR.ca account email. REALTOR.ca will send you reset instructions to your email address.

How do I change my password?

If you logged into your account using your email address, you can change your password on your Account Information page located in your My Account. Click on the account icon in the top navigation and select My Account from the drop-down options.

Can I sign-in with my social media account?

You can use one of the following Social Media accounts to sign-in to REALTOR.ca: Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Can I use my social media account to sign-in after creating an account with my email?

Yes, you can add Social Media account to your existing account, as long as the email address is the same. For example, if you used [email protected] for your Social Media and the same email when you created an account on REALTOR.ca, then both accounts can be linked, after password verification.

Can I use one Social Media account to sign-in on one of my visits and then use another account on my next visit?

Yes, if the email address is the same. The first time you try to use a different Social Media you will have to provide the login for the original Social Media account as well as your new Social Media account. Once these are linked to your Account, you can use them as you wish.

Will my information be saved when I log out?

Yes, all your settings, preferences, favourites and saved searches are kept in your Account and you can access them as long as your Account is active or until you decide to delete them.

What happens when some of my Favourites are removed from REALTOR.ca?

When listings you have favourited are removed from REALTOR.ca, you will see a message indicating that this listing is no longer available.


What are notifications on REALTOR.ca?

Notifications give you quick and easy access to important changes in your Favourites. They can also alert you when new listings match your Saved Search criteria through daily emails.

Why would I want to sign-up for free notifications?

Notifications are like a quick alert system and the best way to ensure you’re not missing any new listings or updates to your favourite listings.

Do I have to have an account to subscribe to notifications?

Yes, you need to first create an account and then you can subscribe to receive notifications. Getting notifications is one of the benefits of having an account on REALTOR.ca.

What type of notifications will I receive?

There are 2 types of notifications you can choose from:

  1. Changes in your Favourite Listings: You will get notified online and through email when there is a price change, new images, or open houses added to these listings.
  2. New listings matching your Saved Search: You will get notified by daily emails when new listings match any of your selected Saved Searches on REALTOR.ca.
What can I do to ensure I receive my email notifications?

We will send your notifications to the email listed in your account.

Check which email we have listed for your account. Click on the account icon in the top navigation and select My Account/Account Information.

REALTOR.ca only sends notification emails for updates to your Favourite properties and your My Saved Searches. You must log in to see notifications regarding your Saved Searches

Will I see notifications when I sign-in?

REALTOR.ca notifications are sent by daily emails, when new listings match any of your selected Saved Searches.

If there are any changes to your favourite properties, we will let you know with daily email notifications.

Do I have to get a notification email?

No, you can opt-out by clicking on Email Settings found within your profile.

When can I expect to receive my notification email?

For My Saved Searches notifications, you can receive daily email notifications sent to you once a day summarizing new listings found related to your saved search.

For My Favourites, you can receive daily morning emails notifying you when there is a specific change to one of your favourite listings. If there is no activity with your favourite listings, no email will be sent.

How do I subscribe to My Favourites notifications?

You can subscribe for notifications on your My Account profile. From your My Account select the Preference option under Notifications. Once there, you will have the option to customize your notifications settings

Can I change my mind and turn off notifications at any time?

You can always edit your notification preferences through your My Account page. Click on the account icon in the top navigation and select My Account/Notification Settings/Preferences. Once there, you will have the option to customize your notifications settings.

Why didn’t I receive a notification email?

To make sure you are set up to receive notification emails, first check your notification preferences in your My Account profile and make sure you have subscribed to notifications for My Favourites or My Saved Searches. Click on the account icon in your top navigation bar and go to My Account/Notification Settings/Preferences.

Once you confirm you’re subscribed, check the email address in My Account. This can be found in the About You section under Account Information. That’s the email we use for your notifications.

If the account is correct, check your spam folder for that email and make sure to add REALTOR.ca to your safe senders list

How do I change the email address for my notifications?

You can change it in My Account. Click on the account icon in your top navigation bar and go to My Account/Account Information.

You can only update your email address if you are logged in through your email. You will not be able to update if you are logged in through social media.

Where can I manage my notification preferences?

You can manage them in your My Account under Notification Settings/Preferences.

Click on the icon in your top navigation bar and go to Notification Settings/Preferences.

Is this notification replacing the email I am getting from my REALTOR®?

No. The notifications from REALTOR.ca are based on your search preferences and your Favourite listings on REALTOR.ca.


Who is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)?

All members of organized real estate such agents, brokerages, and the staff of some real estate boards are members of CREA. Any member of a regional or provincial real estate boards is automatically a member of CREA.

I’m a member of CREA, how do I Log In via the REALTOR® Log In?

The REALTOR® log in uses the same credentials that the Canadian Real Estate Board (CREA) members currently use to Log In to WEBForms®, REALTORLink.ca or their board portal. This is also might be referred to as the NAF Log In, or the CREA ID.


Can I use my REALTOR® Log In to access the full features set of REALTOR.ca such notifications of favourites, changes to searches, and similar?

Sorry, but not yet. At this time, to use the full power of REALTOR.ca notifications, compares, and favorites, you will have to create a separate “consumer” account. We are working hard toward total integration of the tools suite with the features of REALTOR.ca.

I’m a member of CREA. Can I use Social Media or another email for my REALTOR® Log In?

No. The REALTOR® Log In only works with a CREA ID and credentials. To use the REALTOR® Log In, you must use the same Log In credentials used for REALTORLink.ca, WEBForms® or your board portal; if CREA is the supplier of that portal.

Does the REALTOR® Log In give access additional data such as Sold data?

No. REALTOR.ca is a listing advertising website. It does not display either historical or sold data.